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Snettisham Primary School

  • Parent Update - Reopening of School - 8th June 2020

    Please note a change in date approved by the Trustees on the 28th May.  This is to ensure that all necessary resources are in place.

Learning together, succeeding together

Dersingham Bog

As part of our Science topic on Living Things, Yellow Class visited Dersingham Bog.

This is a very special place made up of 3 distinct habitats - mire, woodland and heath.Ash Murray, the senior reserve manager, showed us around pointing out some of the amazing things that live there. We used sweep nets and pooters to catch and observe different insects, we squeezed water out of sphagnum moss, and we explored trenches left over from the Home Guard in world war two. We even found time to have hot chocolate and biscuits! A big thank you to all of the parent helpers, Mr Wing for driving us there and Ash for his expertise. We can’t wait to go back!