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Snettisham Primary School

Learning together, succeeding together

Vision and Values

Our principal purpose is to offer a broad and balanced education of the highest quality in a happy, stimulating, secure and caring environment based on equal regard for each individual by:-

  • Helping the children to develop a life-long love of learning and discovery.
  • Fostering self-respect and independence in the children whilst building their confidence and sense of achievement.
  • Fostering links with the community, the local early years forum, cluster schools, the church  and to maintain effective partnership with parents.
  • Recognising and responding to the specific needs and abilities of individual children.
  • Creating an atmosphere where all staff feel valued and supported and in which appropriate training and resources ensure high quality teaching and learning.

We intend to achieve these aims by:-

  • Providing a balanced and broadly based curriculum incorporating the Early Learning Goals and the National Curriculum, effectively using appropriate resources and suitable learning programmes in order that all children may achieve their potential.
  • Developing and maintaining procedures for assessing, monitoring, evaluating and recording the work of the school in order to achieve continuity , progression and consistency within and between Key Stages and Phases of education.
  • Enabling the children to work together in harmony to develop a sense of responsibility, mutual respect and tolerance. 
  • Providing experiences which will promote children's social, cultural, moral and spiritual development and to encourage the children to see themselves as global citizens.
  • Helping children to acquire skills, knowledge and understanding and the will to use them. 
  • Encouraging the development of children who are communicative, articulate and receptive to new ideas.